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Contributed By: John Diaz

This article will serve as a tutorial to attract competitive and active owners to your fantasy baseball league.  If you don’t have enough friends, co-workers and family to fill your league, you’ll want to turn to other avenues to do it, but don’t fret – it is easy to do.  The internet has opened up the fantasy sports world to individuals like yourself who want to reach out to other sports fans.  The great thing is, there are sports fans just like yourself who want to join your league.  You just have to get the word out, and this article will show you how.

If you have any owners in your league beside yourself, one option is to spread the word that you are looking to recruit new owners for the league.  Maybe one of your current owners can recommend a person that is good for the league.  After all, besides you, a dedicated owner in your league will know what person would fit best in your league.

First, you have to know what type of league that you want.  How many teams do you want in the league?  What type of scoring system: Rotisserie or Head to Head style?  This is vital to be able to communicate to other people what type of league yours will be.  For more detailed help with this, check out the “FB103: Setting up a Fantasy Baseball League” article.

Once you do that, you have to figure out what you feel are the most important characteristics of an owner.  Do you want someone who is incredibly competitive or is a leisurely league more your goal?  Do you care if an owner is very active on your league’s message board?  These are all questions you have to ask yourself what your goal is for the league and what kinds of owners you want to own franchises in your league.  This is extraordinarily important before you undertake the exhausting job of recruiting the owners that you want for your league.

Another option besides asking friends to recommend their friends is to scour the internet and advertise openings in your league.  There are many fantastic fantasy baseball message boards where they have specific areas to advertise openings in your league.  You will want to formulate an eye-catching few paragraphs, incorporating the key points of your league – how many teams in your league, the scoring system (Rotisserie or head to head), what kind of activity you’re looking for from owners and other tidbits that might be of interest to outsiders looking for leagues. 

First try the message board right here at FantasyBaseball.com, but there are others that you will find once you simply search the internet for them.  However, you won’t be able to post one message on a fantasy baseball message board and expect replies to come flowing to you.  Fantasy baseball is very popular and many people know others who are running leagues; this is why you have to present your league as an attractive league to join.  You will want to try to become part of the community there before posting about your league as veterans from a message board always get a better response than people merely using the board for the sole purpose of filling a league.  Still, if you are looking for active and competitive people who love the hobby of fantasy baseball, you would be hard pressed to find a better spot to meet future owners of your league.

If you start to frequent these sites, you will quickly discover who the most active and knowledgeable people are.  One very useful tactic is to e-mail these people and personally recruit them into your league.  Many times they will take you up on the invitation and at the very least, if not, as a frequent writer on that website, they will help you out in recruiting other good owners.  This is always a very good idea to land experienced, competitive and friendly people into your league.

Once you have gotten some e-mails from people and exchanged posts on a message board, you will probably get a better understanding of if you want these people in your league.  You don’t have to be fussy, because if you follow the steps that I’ve laid out and allow enough time to do the legwork of contacting people on these boards, replies will come eventually. 

You then will be able to pick and choose after you’ve interacted with the people through e-mail, phone or instant messenger.  This is very important.  It is best not to allow someone in your league that you have not talked with much.  Set up a time to talk with them, get to know them a little and if you have a rapport with them.  Figure out what they want from a league, because this is just as important as the owners who you want in the league.  Through talking with them, you will be able to figure out if they are a good fit and if they have a good sense of humor, if they are excited about it and want to contribute time and effort to seeing the league succeed and other important factors that you decide on.  If your owners aren’t happy in the league, this will cause frustration for you, so it’s best to eliminate any potential trouble early and talking to the people before you extend an invitation to them to join your league is often the best way of accomplishing this.

However, if you put in the time and effort to correspond with potential owners in your league, you will finally get a good group together that you are proud of.  Setting up a preliminary league meeting of all the owners in your league is a good idea as well so everyone can get a feel of who else is in the league and can interact.  AOL instant messenger is a very reliable, free, and easy to use and a useful tool for this type of meeting, or you can find another online chat forum that will suit your needs to get to know your owners before the season and throughout the year if you decide to take advantage of this.  In many cases, one owner might be in Boston, Massachusetts while another lives in San Diego, California.  An instant messenger platform is a fantastic way to allow two owners who live far away get to know each other.  However, this isn’t absolutely necessary as most league hosting sites on the internet will provide a message board for the league to use. 

Before you know it, some owners will probably get to know other owners in your league and make fast friends.  And isn’t that the point of this – to enjoy the hobby of fantasy baseball with likeminded baseball crazies like yourself?

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