All 2015 Fantasy Baseball Team

07/12/2011 1:39 PM - 

Everyone loves a prediction.

Consider: A few short years back, you couldn’t flip through the cable TV listings and not find some sort of TV show, movie or biography on Nostradamus. A quick search on IMDb, in fact, reveals nearly three dozen titles about, or related to, Nostradamus. These days, we’ve got predictions of earthquakes and raptures — how’d that one work out for you? — and then, of course, there’s that 2012 Mayan end times prophecy. (Boy, that one might sure put a wrinkle in all those fantasy football league championship matchups.)

Fantasy baseball is no different; we might lean on past statistics and trends, but all we’re ever really doing is making educated guesses about the baseball that has yet to be played. The majority of advice is more short-term based; most predictions center on the events of today, tomorrow or mid-August.


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