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Last week, I published an article with my draft diary from last year’s Fantasy Sports Invitational Championship National League Only League.  To read the article that shows how I won the league last year, click HERE.  Last night, I had my draft for this year.  It’s NL-only, 5×5, and I had the 10th pick in a 12-team snake draft.  Here is a draft diary of my draft last night:

Round 1 – Howard, Ryan 1B PHI

With the 10th pick, I was hoping Howard or Fielder fell to me so that I could grab some power early.  Mission accomplished.

Round 2 – Rollins, Jimmy SS PHI

I wanted to concentrate on power early, but Rollins was the last of the elite infielders.  Plus, he’ll contribute in all five categories.

Round 3 – Ramirez, Aramis 3B CHC

Good value here and I was happy to take care of my 3B spot this early.

Round 4 – Dunn, Adam LF WAS

Howard in the first – Dunn in the forth.  I don’t have to worry about my power categories.  I now have all three of my corner infielders.

Round 5 – Gonzalez, Carlos LF COL

It’s time to start grabbing outfielders with some speed.  I liked Gonzalez last year and I love him this year.

Round 6 – McLouth, Nate CF ATL

Another power-speed outfielder.

Round 7 – Beltran, Carlos CF NYM

The latest word is that Beltran will be back by the end of April.  If that holds true, this a great value pick in the 7th round.  He should also help with the batting average hit I took when I drafted Howard and Dunn early.

Round 8 – Jones, Garrett RF PIT

A lot of people are down on Jones this year.  I’m not one of them.  He should be a good power-speed combo with 1B-OF flexibility.

Round 9 – Ross, Cody CF FLA

Last OF spot.

Round 10 – Montero, Miguel C ARI

Montero is the second best catcher on my board.  I couldn’t afford, with the batting average hit I took early, to end up with a crappy catcher with a .230 average, so I splurged on Montero here.

Round 11 – Furcal, Rafael SS LA

Furcal is a good value here.  He’ll fill my middle infield spot and provide contributions in all five categories.

Round 12 – Wolf, Randy SP MIL

At this point in the draft, I want to start getting innings eaters to get me near the top of the wins and strikeout categories.  Wolf is the first piece of that puzzle.

Round 13 – Schumaker, Skip 2B STL

Decided to fill my 2B spot with a high batting average guy.  I should have drafted enough in the other categories that I can take Schumaker’s lack of production in the counting categories.

Round 14 – Arroyo, Bronson SP CIN

Next starter on the board.

Round 15 – Hammel, Jason SP COL

Next starter on the board.

Round 16 – Kennedy, Adam 2B WAS

This was a key pick for me.  With all of my hitting slots filled except Utility, I wanted to create some roster flexibility.  With only one 2B and 3B on my roster, Kennedy is a terrific pick because he qualifies at both positions.  Plus, with solid steals, a few homeruns, and an acceptable batting average, he fits perfectly on my team.

Round 17 – Zito, Barry SP SF

From here on in, it’s almost all starting pitching, all the time.

Round 18 – Maholm, Paul SP PIT

Round 19 – Kawakami, Kenshin SP ATL

Round 20 – Young, Chris R. SP SD

Round 21 – Davis, Doug SP MIL

Round 22 – Francis, Jeff SP COL

Round 23 – West, Sean SP FLA (Bench)

Round 24 – VandenHurk, Rick SP FLA (Bench)

Round 25 – Salazar, Oscar LF SD (Bench)

I needed a backup outfielder that can start until Beltran is healthy.

Round 26 – Maloney, Matt SP CIN (Bench)

Round 27 – Kendrick, Kyle SP PHI (Bench)

I’ve won this league multiple times – including last year – employing an all crappy starting pitcher strategy where I ace the hitting categories while doing well in Wins and Strikeouts.  If I manage this team correctly, I’ll be able to gain a few points in the pitching ratio categories.  I’ll likely finish last in saves, but I won’t need those points if my hitting is as good as advertised.

Note – A special thanks to my buddy Dan for helping me with my draft last night while my Internet was knocked out by a storm, and to his wife Susan for a delicious piece of Salmon and world-class homemade Mac and Cheese.

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