Lance Berkman Returning ?

04/08/2010 4:45 PM - 

Color me skeptical but Lance Berkman says he hopes to return sometime next week. Berkman announced this yesterday but the day before he said he had ” no idea” when he would come back. On Monday he had his knee drained for the fifth time and in a highly unusual move  had a shot of cortisone in his surgically repaired knee. If the knee was progressing as hoped why a cortisone shot? Just wondering but sign me up as skeptical about his return next week and if he should come back next week how long before he gets hurt again.   Patience is needed here.


  1. willyjhopuky says:

    i have berkman, i dont know what to do about him. I dont know if he is worth holdong on to or better to cut him and get someone else. anybody have a view?

  2. Fred Zinkie says:

    depends who else you can get – list your waiver wire options. Likely, I will tell you to hang onto him.

  3. willyjhopuky says:

    would you hang on to kazmir? there are others i can get like matusz and lewis.

  4. Samuel Hidalgo says:

    hes not coming back

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